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Gill's latest book is CONSCIOUS MEDICINE: Creating Health in a Conscious Universe (Piatkus, 2010). 

Gill has been teaching and studying new paradigm medicine for nearly 30 years - and recent scientific research now shows what mystics have always known: that it is consciousness which controls and even creates the physical body. A diagnosis of breast cancer, after a prolonged period of emotional stress and unresolved conflict, gave Gill an ideal opportunity to 'walk her talk' - and to use a psycho-energetic approach to healing.

You can order the book below from our office, £12.99 (postage free within UK/Europe). All copies are signed by Gill, and can also be personalised for you or a friend:

Some reviews of Gill's book:

Conscious Medicine shows us how medicine could be if we applied all that is known now about the body, its energies, and the intelligent force fields that surround us and surge through us. The book is expansive like the consciousness it describes, taking us on a survey of some of the most exciting ideas and healing methods of the past decade and putting them into a lively perspective. I recommend it highly’
Donna Eden, energy healer and author of Energy Medicine and Energy Medicine for Women

‘This is the New Medicine. This is where we are going. This is it – expressed with gentleness and wisdom’ 
Dr John McGregor, consultant radiologist and shaman

‘I join Gill Edwards in heralding Conscious Medicine as the essential sustainable healthcare reform for our time. Because she speaks from the heart of her own experience she conveys skillfully and precisely each step in this humane revolution. You can feel your cells reorganise as you read her trustworthy words of guidance and inspiration’
Stephanie Mines, Ph.D., neuropsychologist and author of We Are All In Shock

‘This landmark book deserves to be read by all doctors, therapists, healers and patients alike. We are all in the business of healing – ourselves as well as others! At medical school we learnt a lot about disease of the body, but very little about the science of healing and the healthy mind. Conscious Medicine fills the gap, brings us up to date with scientific knowledge that relates to the ‘software programmes’ of our Being and helps us firmly on the road to health that we can all embrace. A “must-read” for everyone who wants to be truly healthy’
Dr Andrew Tresidder, family doctor and author of I’m Fine!

Conscious Medicine highlights and expands a much-needed paradigm shift in healthcare. It blends the latest understanding from quantum physics and the new biology with Gill’s vast knowledge of today’s complementary therapies, maintaining fluidity and accessibility throughout, which is typical of her wonderful writing style. There are simple, life-changing exercises in every chapter which are easily implemented into everyday life. This book will teach you how to take your health and well-being back into your own hands instead of relying on the pharmaceutical industry. Buy this book to enhance your health, wealth and happiness on so many levels’
Karl Dawson, EFT Master, co-author of Matrix Reimprinting Using EFT

Conscious Medicine needs to be read, understood and especially felt by anybody working in any healthcare position, be it conventional or complementary. My suggestion: read the text and feel the dawning shift in medical approach of which this book is such a clear messenger’
Tjitze de Jong, energy healer and Bodies of Light teacher

Extracts from Gill's new book:

"Since health lies at the interface between mind and matter, conscious medicine offers a crucial stepping stone out of materialism and duality, and into the new paradigm based upon energy-consciousness – in which mind moulds or translates itself into matter. As we look at the implications of the new physics, the latest research in biology, and case studies emerging from new-paradigm medicine and energy healing, we begin to see that creating health and vitality depends upon our state of consciousness. Then we begin to step into the world of conscious medicine – and into a conscious universe."

"Thirty years ago, I read about a holistic doctor who saw a little boy with measles, and told his mother that her child was ‘measling’. This turn of phrase always stuck in my mind, and I have heard any diagnosis as a verb ever since. When I was given a cancer diagnosis, I translated this into ‘cancering’, and began to ask myself how I was cancering, and what I needed to do in order to stop cancering and start ‘well-ing’. As soon as you convert a diagnosis into a verb, it ceases to be a thing with an independent existence, and instead becomes part of what you are being and doing: how you are thinking and feeling and behaving. You switch from a materialist paradigm – a world full of objects – into consciousness thinking, with a world inhabited by actively participating subjects. If you are being and doing it, you can explore it and understand it, find meaning and purpose in it, and perhaps choose to ‘be’ or ‘do’ something different."
"I have learnt from experience that if you mention the word ‘energy’ to most medical doctors, their eyes tend to glaze over. The word simply doesn’t compute. It is like talking about mountaineering to a goldfish. So I have slowly learnt how to build bridges between their world and mine, so that we can begin to understand each other. Talking about the body as an energy system makes no sense to someone whose left brain has been thoroughly trained to name, probe and even dissect innumerable ‘separate parts’ of the human body. Energy is a right-brain concept. It does not have fixed boundaries; it is mutable and flexible, and can make quantum leaps. The more left-brained someone is, the less they understand energy – or appreciate poetry. (Which isn’t to say that all the doctors I know are left-brained or indifferent to poetry – but they have had to struggle to retain their right brain!) To step fully into the new paradigm, we have to expand beyond the stressed, limited, either-or and separatist thinking of the ego, and align with our higher self."
"Conventional medicine goes into battle with illness and disease. It shoots the messenger – silencing warning signals from body that something is awry, that energy-consciousness is not flowing freely. It sees the body as stupid and faulty and inadequate, and needing to be propped up. Could it be that the model of the world that conventional medicine is built upon is the very model that makes us sick – a fear-based, materialist model based on separation from love and oneness? As Einstein said, you cannot solve a problem from the same level of thinking which caused it. So we cannot resolve disease, which is caused by the stress response (or thinking like a particle) using an approach which is based upon that same level of thinking: particle thinking and a battle mentality. It is like trying to melt an ice-cube using an icecream. You have to shift into a different level of awareness. Hot air, for example, would melt that ice-cube. Yes, hot air is invisible stuff – but then, that is just what is needed. A different category of ‘stuff. Invisible stuff, such as mind-stuff. A higher level of intervention. And perhaps we are seeing so much chronic and degenerative disease now, which conventional medicine can do so little about, because we are being forced to shift to a higher level of consciousness? From a conscious medicine perspective, the body is intelligent and conscious and infinitely helpful, and nothing is incurable or terminal - unless you believe that it is."

"Why does one person become diabetic or arthritic in response to chronic stress, while someone else develops an ulcer or kidney stones? We have seen that when the stress response is activated, we feel negative emotion – and if this becomes chronic, emotional or physical dis-ease is eventually set up. But what determines what form a dis-ease will take? Conventional medicine would point towards genes, exposure to viruses and toxins, and other physical factors. Conscious medicine is more poetic and dream-like. Just as quantum physics restored consciousness to science, conscious medicine restores meaning to illness and dis-ease. We live in a universe in which everything is energy-consciousness, and everything communicates in meaningful ways. Illness and the body are no exceptions."

"The body is a mirror of our consciousness – like everything else in our lives. As we shift from the particle response to the wave response, our consciousness expands and we see a bigger picture. We shift away from being helpless victims, or desperately trying to control life through manipulation or threats or criticism, or fending off danger and disapproval by scrabbling to be good and perfect – and we move towards being powerful and loving co-creators with the unseen forces of the universe. There are no enemies any more, for everything is a friend. There is no ‘me’ and ‘not-me’; there is only love and oneness. We are aware of our individuality, and value our own uniqueness; but we are waves within the ocean, forever connected. Our soul slips laughing through the old prison bars of guilt and blame. Fear is impossible. Loneliness is a distant memory. The world comes alive to us. The rocks, clouds and butterflies speak to us. Time expands into the endless opportunities of a hazy summer day. We are free at last. We are bathed in an ocean of unconditional love. And our body shimmers with health, vitality and radiance." 

(You can order your copy of the book above, or from the BOOKS page on this website.)

What is conscious medicine?

The pioneering work of scientists such as Bruce Lipton, Candace Pert, the Institute of HeartMath and many others now shows that - as the ancients knew - a healthy mind creates a healthy body. Energy psychology is also transforming our understanding of the links between energy, trauma, emotions and the physical body. When we live with fear, guilt, shame, anger, blame and other negative emotions, or harbor unresolved conflicts and traumas, unlived dreams and feelings of disempowerment, our physical body produces stress hormones, goes into emergency mode, blocks our personal growth and even activates unhealthy genes, which eventually produces physical symptoms and dis-ease – as well as threatening our mental health and relationships. Unhealthy neural pathways (or negative beliefs) are often set up in childhood, but they can be changed. 

When we focus upon love, joy, freedom, creativity, authenticity and empowerment – or move beyond guilt, despair or disempowerment to healthy anger and beyond –  our body mirrors our connection to our higher self. If we focus healthcare upon the physical body, we are missing the point – since the bodymind functions as an undivided whole. Health depends upon our emotional state, habits of thought, patterns of relating and consciousness. As molecular biologist Bruce Lipton says, "The mind controls our body". And when Source energy is flowing freely through us, we are vibrantly healthy and happy.

Since health lies at the interface between mind and matter, the emergent new paradigm in medicine is a powerful force in shifting from our old mechanistic, materialistic and dualistic way-of-seeing into a holistic awareness based on energy-consciousness – in which miracles occur often, and health is our natural state of being.

Within the new paradigm, dis-ease (whether physical or emotional) is always a sign of contradictory energy—of resistance. The body is simply a mirror of your consciousness. Conscious Medicine explores the vibrational roots of illness and disease, and how to release the happiness and well-being which is your natural birthright—whatever your starting point.

Gill's CONSCIOUS MEDICINE workshop includes:

♥  The impact of inner conflict and trauma on our bodymind

♥  The 'body language' of illness

♥  How consciousness affects our biochemistry/genes

♥  Why you must feel better before you can get better

♥  When to ignore advice, even from an 'expert'

♥  How to gather the gifts of any illness—and handle secondary gain

♥  Why no disease is incurable

♥  What makes quantum healing possible

♥  How to prevent/treat illness from the inside out

 This weekend offers a breakthrough paradigm for medicine, and a practical tool-kit for lasting health and happiness. It is suitable for anyone dealing with health problems, personally or professionally—or anyone with an interest in health and well-being. Gill will also share her own healing journey through cancer - without surgery, drugs or radiation. This workshop is a forerunner to her forthcoming book on Conscious Medicine.   For dates and details, see WORKSHOPS page of this website.

FINDHORN CONFERENCE ON CONSCIOUS MEDICINE, 2011  - Gill is also organising the Easter conference at the Findhorn Foundation from 23-26 April. Top speakers and workshop facilitators from the UK and USA will present keynote speeches and workshops. For details, see You can also download a PDF of the e-flier here.

Just some of the feedback from Gill's Conscious Medicine workshops:

  ‘The workshop was amazing, and really inspired and motivated me…’

‘…magnificently inspiring, uplifting and healing.’

‘Thanks for another magical and inspiring course…’

‘Thank you for a heavenly workshop.’

‘WHAT a weekend…fantastic.’

‘Thank you for a wonderful weekend with Conscious Medicine.’

‘inspiring, joyful and life-affirming…’

‘absolutely fascinating…’

‘Many thanks for the glorious workshop.’

 ‘Thanks so much for the weekend – totally inspiring!’

‘…a big thankyou for a wonderful weekend of Conscious Medicine...’

 ‘Thanks again for such an amazing weekend. All I can think to say is bliss, bliss, bliss!!’

‘Thank you for a quite astonishing weekend!’

‘an amazing, energising and life-affirming two days’

 ‘wonderfully empowering and inspirational’

For details of how to book, see WORKSHOPS page or contact our office.