Message from Gill

I’m so sorry that some of you may be feeling grief and loss. I think the loss of someone we love, is perhaps the hardest challenge that anyone ever has to face, so my heart goes out to you. What I can say is that we can make the experience far worse, or far better, by the way we see it. As I understand it, pain always means that we are not seeing things as our higher self sees them (which is why we feel negative emotion – as a warning sign of this splitting of energy).

If you have been touched by my death then my understanding is that you and I had a contract to part around this time, for all the gifts that it would eventually bring to you – which you will only understand when you look back in years to come. You may have done some workshops with me, and I’m sure you know (in theory) that death is not a tragedy; it is simply the choice to make a transition from one state of consciousness to another. Yes, it would be easier if I had chosen just to retire and no longer respond to emails – but somehow you have to come to terms with the choice I made. For whatever reasons, this lifetime was finished for me.

I am still very much here, but just not embodied any more. Love is an eternal bond, and you only need to think of me with love and I will be there, connecting with you. But you will only be able to sense me when you release the grief, and simply connect with the love. (A friend of mine even co-authored a book with a close friend after her friendĀ“s death, having established close and easy communication with her.) You might be amazed at how rapidly you can find peace again, once you get your energy flowing and reconnect with your higher self (who sees nothing as bad or wrong).

You can focus on what is wrong or missing – my death – or you can choose to focus on what is positive. I have gone physically but I am absolutely fine, and you are still here – and so many good times lie in store for you still, with many other people to love and be loved by. If you look for what is positive in life, and things to be grateful for in each day, and choose to think only of happy memories of me, you will begin to release the grief – and then you will begin to attract more positive events and opportunities in your life. Focus on what you enjoy, who you enjoy being with and what dreams you have for the future. It might take time, but you can do it. In the meantime, there are hundreds of comforting books about the afterlife which show beyond any doubt that life is eternal, and that the only reality is Love.

I wish you all the very best with your journey. It will get easier – and so many gifts lie ahead.

With love and blessings,


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