This page was updated on 30th March 2012

Gill’s Life Celebration workshop called; ‘Return to Love’ is being held on the 22nd & 23rd September 2012 in the heart of the Lake District. See the workshop page for more information.

1. Self Help CD’s

We now offer our self-help CD’s in their MP3 format. You can buy them and down load them online from our CD selection.


2. Book – Conscious Medicine

CONSCIOUS MEDICINE: Creating Health and Well-being in a Conscious Universe (Piatkus). You can order copies now – postage-free in the UK/Europe – for £12.99 from our Books page. The book is also available in shops or from Amazon.

3. The mini-book –
BEYOND THE DRAMA TRIANGLE: Creating Healthy Relationships

‘The drama triangle is one of the most popular sections of my Wild Love In Practice workshops, and I’ve had countless requests to write about this model – so here it is!’

Every unhealthy interaction is said to take place around the drama triangle – from the three roles of Persecutor, Rescuer or Victim. Almost everyone has a default position on the drama triangle which they flip into under stress. If this becomes habitual, it will damage your emotional and physical health, and wreck your personal relationships. Yet it is quite likely to be invisible to you.

 In this original 52-page booklet, Gill Edwards offers a guide to recognising, handling and overcoming these unhealthy habits of thinking and interacting. It outlines what each ´type´ needs to do in order to move towards healthy patterns of relating. It also looks at what lies beyond drama: the three healthy and positive ego-states of the love triangle, which allow you and your relationships to thrive.  

Due to the high demand for these booklets, they have now been professionally printed and bound by Badger Press, Bowness.      


No further workshops are planned until autumn 2012 at the earliest. For details, join our Newsgroup for the latest newsletter. (Email Susie at to join the Newsgroup.)


If you missed Gill’s talk on Conscious Medicine at Alternatives (6 December, 2010), you can now buy and download it in MP3 format for just £9This lively talk is an introduction to the emerging new model of conscious medicine, as outlined in my book, and is packed with stories, scientific research and practical ideas for self-help. 

Some of the feedback received from those who have purchased this talk:
"inspirational", "fascinating", "such amazing stories", "this has set me on a new career path", "I don't think I've ever heard such an inspiring talk".

6. Latest CD’s

Four new CDs are now available: 

1. THE GODDESS WITHIN is aimed at women who want to express more of their divine feminine energy. (Yes, I know men need to re-balance their energies too, but this one is for women!) In the 21st century, we are collectively awakening to the divine feminine-acknowledging the cosmic dance between the visible and invisible realms, and focusing more on our emotions, intuition, being and relatedness. For women, this often means stepping into our own power, daring to be more visible, connecting deeply with others (and with nature), nurturing ourselves and bringing our lives into balance. As we do this, we awaken the Goddess within. This CD has stunning artwork on the cover – probably my favourite design so far.

The CD offers two guided journeys:
1. Balancing your inner feminine, masculine and Child.
2. Becoming the Goddess within.

2. OPENING YOUR HEART is for those who wish to live from love, whatever is happening in their lives and however others might behave. When you live with an open heart, you are able to love yourself, others and the world unconditionally. Instead of criticising, complaining or blaming others-or feeling guilt-ridden, undeserving or not good enough-you see everyone and everything through the wise and gentle eyes of your higher self. You know that everyone is doing the best they can, and that in an evolving universe, life can never be perfect. Again, the CD has beautiful artwork.

The two inner journeys on this CD will help you to live with an open heart:
1. Loving yourself unconditionally
2. Opening your heart to others, and the world 
incl postage


The Inner Child is well-known, yet your Inner Adolescent is also a powerful conscious being which can be frozen in time. It can turn you into a control freak or a martyr, make you addictive or codependent, judgmental or over-concerned with `what others think´, or leave you with a shaky sense of self and unclear boundaries. This CD outlines 7 characteristics of the Inner Adolescent, and 7 simple ways to heal it – with stories ranging from Elton John to the Princess of Wales – plus an inner journey to meet your Inner Adolescent and guide.
1. Knowing and healing your Inner Adolescent  (38:10)

2. Inner journey to meet your Inner Adolescent  (33:05)
This was originally released on tape, and has now been re-mastered for CD.         £10.95 incl postage



Whether you are considering a new career, setting up a new business, want more success in your current work or perhaps an expansive new vision, here is a double CD for creating success in your work, using the spiritual laws of the Universe. Three inner journeys, plus a set of affirmations which can be played as `background music´ to other activities, or before going to sleep.

Four tracks (on two CDs):
1: Clarifying your personal/global vision. Tapping into inner guidance. 

2: Overcoming fear of success. Creating your highest possible future. 

3: Affirmations for creating success and joy in your work.
4: Magnetising clients, customers, contacts or new opportunities. Meeting your guide. Energising a symbol of your life´s work.
£14.95 (double CD) – incl postage in UK/Europe  

To order these new CDs, or see a complete list of CDs available, click here for the CDs page of this website. 

This highly acclaimed set of tapes is also now available as a 4 CD set. Eight inner journeys. Set of 4 CDs: £35 incl postage (UK and Europe).


EEEK! (The Modern Day Rescue Remedy) – This Lakeland Essence contains four flower, gem and environmental essences: pear blossom, Buddleia, Stone Circle and red jasper. Together these essences provide a powerful rescue remedy for times of shock, stress, overwhelm or turmoil – any time when you want to feel safe, calm, grounded and at peace, and to trust in the bigger picture of what is unfolding. (In these turbulent times, you might want to order two or more bottles! Or perhaps get a bottle for a friend who is in need.)  £8 for 15 ml stock bottle (incl postage in UK/Europe) To order this essence, click here for the Lakeland Essences page.


If you need help with emotional or physical dis-ease, we recommend that you find a therapist who is experienced in using energy psychology. You can find local practitioners on these two websites: or  Or see the Resource list at the back of Gill’s book Conscious Medicine.


We only send out brochures by post on request or with orders. (i.e. There are no longer any mail-outs to everyone on our huge mailing list.) To keep up with the latest newsl, it is essential to join the Email Newsgroup. News of workshops, courses, special offers etc is usually sent out to members of the Newsgroup before it appears on the website – thus, priority booking for  workshops is offered to Newsgroup members. Just send your email address to Susie at or and ask to be added to the Newsgroup. We are also happy to send out leaflets by post on request.


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