Pure Bliss




(First published in hardback in 1999. New edition in June 2006)

Gill’s third book, PURE BLISS, helps you create your own heaven on earth. Part One explains why we get stuck in an addictive cycle of struggle, effort and busywork – the cycle of Hard Time. It also reveals the magical world of Soft Time which is always available to us, where we can learn to live from our deep Self – and find true happiness, fulfilment and inner peace.

Part Two offers 70 practical guidelines and mystical insights on the art of living in Soft Time – with sections on the inner self, relationships, parenting, work, money, health and the home.

When you’re living in Soft Time, you will:

  • tap into your inner wisdom with ease
  • be more creative and productive – without struggle and ‘efforting’
  • escape from addiction and co-dependency
  • fulfil your higher purpose
  • solve problems effortlessly
  • find your peak performance
  • be in the ‘right place at the right time’
  • find inner peace
  • enjoy the simple pleasures of life
  • feel more vibrantly alive and joyful

‘The truth is that the magical world of Soft Time is real, and lies just a hair’s breadth from us. It might take only a gentle whisper, a silent moment of stillness, a gasp of awe or a heart-felt hug to make the shift.’

‘If it feels heavy, don’t do it! It’s a rule which gives an amazing sense of freedom to life. It allows you to devote your time and energy to people, work and activities that you truly love. Best of all, it is a powerful tool for letting go of struggle and living in Soft Time.’

Contents of PURE BLISS
Part One

1. Hard Time, Soft Time and the Flow.
2. Wild and Free.
3. In Search of the Holy Grail.
4. The Mystic Heart.
Part Two (70 short chapters)
1. The Inner Self.
2. Relationships.
3. Parenting.
4. Work
5. Money.
6. Health.
7. Home.

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