Spiritual healing for alcohol drinking problem

We are offering spiritual healing of alcohol drinking problem for young men and women. In modern day and age, drinking addiction catches lots of attention in UK and USA as a looming social problem, which is getting larger by the day. There are reasons for this. Youngsters start drinking alcohol at way too e early age, which can undermine their health for long time to come. Bypassing age restrictions by obtaining fake identification documents online for verification purposes, these people commit serious crime, knowingly or unknowingly. Choice of fake ID vendors on Internet is abundant. The ease of obtaining false documents lures minors into prolific online shops. For many people drinking alcohol is, sometimes the only, way to escape daily stresses and forget momentarily the challenges of adult life. However there exist better, less destructive ways to achieve this. In addition to herbal alcohol detox program we also offer yoga and meditation courses, as well as spiritual healing and aura cleansing, which helps balance body and mind in a healthy way.


Essence bottles

Although flower essences have been used in healing for thousands of years, it was only in the 1930s that they became more widely known – thanks to the pioneering work of Dr. Edward Bach, who made the original 38 Bach Flower Remedies. In the past 30 years, thousands of powerful new essences have been developed world-wide.

Since essences are safe, gentle, cheap and effective, they are increasing rapidly in popularity – and are now used by countless therapists and health practitioners, as well as by the general public. They form a crucial part of the emerging new field of `energy medicine´.

What is a flower essence?

Flower essences are usually made by floating fresh flowers on a bowl of spring water, and leaving them in full sunshine for a few hours. The resulting water – which holds the `energy signature´ or life-force of the flower – is preserved in a solution of brandy, then diluted to make stock bottles.

Essences contain no biochemically-active ingredients (other than a small amount of brandy), so they are completely safe, have no contra-indications and no known side-effects. They have been used effectively with adults, children, babies, animals and even plants – and are safe to use during pregnancy and childbirth.

How do they work?

In simple terms, flower essences hold a high-frequency energy pattern which works rather like a tuning fork. They `sound a note´ which is aligned with Source energy, helping us to resonate with our higher self.

Orthodox medicine such as drugs and surgery can relieve symptoms (at the risk of side-effects), but does not treat the person as a integrated whole. By treating symptoms rather than deeper causes, modern medicine often fails to restore true health and vitality – and the deeper meaning or significance of illness and dis-ease can be lost. Unlike drugs, flower essences do not force change; they merely open a doorway, and invite you to step through. They are a gentle yet powerfulway of harmonising mind, body and soul – and thus giving birth to your Essence, or higher self.

Lakeland Essences

All of the Lakeland Essences are made and bottled personally by Gill Edwards, a trained and BFVEA-registered essence practitioner who has been making essences for the past 12 years. The following essences have been tried and tested by the Lakeland Essences Research Group – a group of 50+ people, mostly healers and therapists – who test new Lakeland essences, and report back on their findings. Only essences which receive consistently positive feedback are offered as part of the Lakeland Essences range.

PLEASE CLICK ON THE PICTURES FOR MORE DETAILS OF EACH ESSENCE.  Postage is free in Europe, if you order more than one essence.

Complete set of all 9 Lakeland Essences (£55 including postage)

Combination Essences (£8 per 15ml stock bottle including postage)

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