`Gill Edwards has a special gift, a unique treasure, to offer humanity, and my soul sings its thanks to her every time I read a page of her writing.´

Neale Donald Walsch (author of Conversations With God).

`Always inspiring and enlightening, Gill is a great spiritual teacher whose wisdom lovingly and clearly illuminates the inner worlds and everyday reality.´

William Bloom (author of The Endorphin Effect).

Here is a little sprinkling of comments from the many hundreds of unsolicited letters, cards and emails Gill received over the past few years about workshops, and her books:

Some comments about our workshops:

“Many thanks again for a magical and inspiring weekend. I had so much fun!”

“a special thanks to Gill for a beyond-fabulous workshop last weekend…. Drenched in inspiration, miracles and magnificent new insights. I loved every minute…. What a gift!!!”

“an inspirational few days”

“absolutely fabulous…”

“Words can hardly describe the transformation I feel.”

“an enormous thank you for a fabulous workshop…”

“The workshop was quite extraordinarily powerful… Quite simply, WOW!!!!!!!!! … there was time and space to integrate… it flowed magically.”

“Your thoughts were so fresh and inspirational, and the way you explained your themes was absolutely beautiful, angel=like. The presence of the unseen world was clearly sensed in everything you did.”

“extraordinarily powerful…”

“Your retreat workshop has been a fabulous treat…. Gill, you are a unique gem.”

“Thanks again for a wonderful retreat in June. I thoroughly enjoyed it.”

“THANK YOU SO MUCH for a truly wonderful, amazing, angelic experience. Everything just flowed all weekend and I was in bliss… Thank you so much.”

“It was a simply sensational workshop, so my heartfelt thanks for a fabulous four days. My soul feels like it is soaring and physically I feel revived, refreshed and altogether blissfully happy and joyful.”

“Thank you so much for your wonderful workshop last weekend. Awesome, inspiring, loving, amazing. It exceeded my expectations beyond anything I could imagine…Thank you Gill for your wonderful gift.”

“Many, many thanks again for such an inspirational workshop.”

“Thank you again for the happiness and excitement your workshop generated in me. And wonderful intoxicating hope…”

“A BIG THANK YOU for yet another brilliant weekend. You were wonderful as usual and made everything just magical….I just feel wonderful. Thank you.”

“Thank you so much for the wonderful workshop which was so inspiring and uplifting.”

“I was amazed at the amount of material we covered…a truly great week… I´m enjoying
being an apprentice goddess.”

“THANK YOU! For a life-changing weekend.”

“Words can hardly describe what a transformation I feel. I´ve never felt so happy in a long, long time. ..Thank you – you are angel!”

“What a glorious weekend! Thank you so much for the workshop. It clarified so many things for me. I feel so much in the flow. And how you radiated! A real star – goddess of light.”

“Thank you for a wonderful weekend. I have truly fallen in love with life-it really is a gift!”

“Thank you, thank you, thank you for a delicious workshop. I left radiating possibility in every area of my life…. I feel so happy, at peace with my body and my mind, giggly even and it is wonderful…You are a true magician.”

Some comments about the book LIFE IS A GIFT:

“Thank you so much for this wonderful, wise and loving book. I dip into it every day… It really is the most valuable book I have ever read.”

“Thank you so much for writing such a brilliant book. I could feel my vibrations lifting as I read it. There is so much in it that I seemed to resonate with at a deep level, almost as if I knew it already…. It´s brilliant stuff! Thank you so much.”

“Firstly, thank you for such an inspirational and uplifting book. I have just finished it for the first time and started it again straight away so I can firmly cement your words of wisdom into my very cells. Secondly, thank you for the knowledge that life is a gift, that I have choices and I can create my own reality.”

“Thank you for creating such an inspirational work. More than the incredibly insightful, uplifting and thought-provoking text is the underlying joy that oozes from every single page… Thank you, Gill.”

“I´ve read your book, and it was the key I was missing. I can feel the truth of it deep, deep in my heart….”

“THANK YOU for your inspiration and your sharing.”

“Oh Gill, this is the most wonderful book and now that I have just finished it I shall start it all over again…. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for sharing my journey with your gentle wisdom and infectious humour.”

“A BIG THANK YOU TO GILL for writing such a balm to my soul.”

“I found it so, so encouraging and helpful. Thank you for sharing your talents so constructively and for your endearing honesty… Over the years I have been greatly helped by all your books.”

Life Is A Gift feels truly like a gift to me. It seems to bring together all your other books together beautifully. It´s like a fantastic toolbox for how to really live magically…. I am reading and re-reading it all the time. Thank you once again Gill for the tools to make my own heaven on earth.”

“I sat down and devoured it in one sitting. I think it´s fantastic – really accessible, brilliantly written, and it has completely re-energised me… It´s reminded me to take my foot off the gas a bit more and trust in the process. So thank you!”

“I have felt a strong affinity with every book I have read of yours and spend most of the time shouting YES! YES! YES! Thank you for Life Is A Gift.”

“Congratulations, Gill, on producing a beautiful book – well-timed to help calm the world in its present polarised situation, where no-one wants to hear what the other is saying. Once I started reading it, I couldn´t put it down!”

“Thank you for your book, Life Is A Gift. It is fantastic and just what we have been waiting for.”

“Brilliant! Well done! Congratulations! Love it! Life really is an amazing gift…”

Some comments about the book WILD LOVE:

“Thank you so much for your wonderful book… It is absolutely amazing – wise, powerful and full of joy.”

“Just finished Wild Love – awesome, fabulous book. Resonated on so many levels. A gift.”

“I have been very, very touched by Wild Love – a wonderful message full of love and light. Thank you, Gill.”

“I had Wild Love recommended to me. I have read it – carefully, thoughtfully, receptively – and have to say that it´s possibly the most amazing thing I´ve experienced in my life so far… If my life is the only one you touch, then your labours have been worthwhile a million times over. Thanks so much.”

“Reading your book Wild Love was a wonderful and transforming experience for me. It was a catalyst that caused major changes in my life. Thank you…”

“My heartfelt thanks for your beautiful, inspiring book…. Just wanted to let you know the love oozes out of every page.”

Wild Love is the finest book you have written.”

“It is deeply insightful, poetic, revealing and beautifully written.”

“It is so beautifully written and inspirational.”

“I´m reading Wild Love and have given up highlighting the parts that light me up as the whole book has that effect on me!”

“My heart is filled with such Wild Love and gratitude to you, Gill, for each time I have reached a new changing point in my life you have written a book which speaks loudly and lovingly to my heart.”

“[Wild Love] is a remarkable book and a great achievement… Thank for a brilliant book and your incredible honesty.”

“Thank you so much for your wonderful books, and for being one of several authors who have made a huge impact on my life and relationships…”

“The book was wonderfully inspiring, and in the two months it has taken me to read it, I feel more expanded and more free than I have ever done.”

“Congratulations and phew! An amazing book, reflecting a significant depth of insightfulness and wisdom… Keep on shining, Gill. You are a beautiful, majestic star!”

“I think it´s awesome that you have shared your journey and ideas via the book, and that you have shared such an inspiring vision of the future and how we are creating it. THANK YOU”

“Your book has allowed me to align myself with what I know… I love the tingle of anticipation that makes me almost breathless and fills me with laughter. You are a wonder. Thank you.”

“I am knocked out by [Wild Love]. It´s wonderful and so liberating.”

Wild Love is a great and wonderful book. Thanks a million for writing a book like that.”

“Your book is absolutely wonderful – very brave, and loving, and generous.”

“I would like to convey my deep-felt admiration and heartfelt thanks to you for the wonderful book, Wild Love. It so perfectly resonates with me… It is like sitting down and conversing with a lover.”

“Thank you for being you! All your books are good, but your latest (Wild Love) is particularly brilliant.”

“An amazing thank you for writing Wild Love… It really touches me in many good ways.

“Yes! Yes! Yes! Reading your book was like hearing my own thoughts come back to me, but in a beautifully eloquent way so that everything becomes so much clearer…. Thank you for helping me to feel at home at last.”

“Loved it, loved it, loved it…”

“It is like being given the best-ever recipe book for life.”

“Your book Wild Love arrived in my life at the right time and the right place. It has made all the difference in the world for me. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.”

And thank you for reading my books, coming to the workshops – and for writing to thank me. I deeply appreciate it!    Gill xx

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