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Although flower essences have been used in healing for thousands of years, it was only in the 1930s that they became more widely known – thanks to the pioneering work of Dr. Edward Bach, who made the original 38 Bach Flower Remedies. In the past 30 years, thousands of powerful new essences have been developed world-wide.

Since essences are safe, gentle, cheap and effective, they are increasing rapidly in popularity - and are now used by countless therapists and health practitioners, as well as by the general public. They form a crucial part of the emerging new field of ‘energy medicine’.

What is a flower essence?

Flower essences are usually made by floating fresh flowers on a bowl of spring water, and leaving them in full sunshine for a few hours. The resulting water – which holds the ‘energy signature’ or life-force of the flower – is preserved in a solution of brandy, then diluted to make stock bottles.

Essences contain no biochemically-active ingredients (other than a small amount of brandy), so they are completely safe, have no contra-indications and no known side-effects. They have been used effectively with adults, children, babies, animals and even plants - and are safe to use during pregnancy and childbirth.

How do they work?

In simple terms, flower essences hold a high-frequency energy pattern which works rather like a tuning fork. They ‘sound a note’ which is aligned with Source energy, helping us to resonate with our higher self.

Orthodox medicine such as drugs and surgery can relieve symptoms (at the risk of side-effects), but does not treat the person as a integrated whole. By treating symptoms rather than deeper causes, modern medicine often fails to restore true health and vitality - and the deeper meaning or significance of illness and dis-ease can be lost. Unlike drugs, flower essences do not force change; they merely open a doorway, and invite you to step through. They are a gentle yet powerfulway of harmonising mind, body and soul – and thus giving birth to your Essence, or higher self.

Lakeland Essences

All of the Lakeland Essences are made and bottled personally by Gill Edwards, a trained and BFVEA-registered essence practitioner who has been making essences for the past 12 years. The following essences have been tried and tested by the Lakeland Essences Research Group - a group of 50+ people, mostly healers and therapists - who test new Lakeland essences, and report back on their findings. Only essences which receive consistently positive feedback are offered as part of the Lakeland Essences range.

15 ml stock bottles of each essence are available from our office - £7.00 each (including postage). Set of 9 essences for £55.

Combination essences cost £8 each.

The following single essences are currently available:

Star Magnolia plant

1. STAR MAGNOLIA (Magnolia stellata)

Keywords: Opening the heart. Being radiant. Unconditional love for self and others. Self-worth and confidence. Staying heart-centred in the face of negativity, harshness or criticism. Fulfilling your potential: ‘shining like a star’. (Unites heart and crown chakras.)

 "I am perfect in my imperfections.”

For unconditional love and acceptance - for self and others. Being gentle on the self. Feeling bathed in warmth and love, and so being able to remain open-hearted and vulnerable. Becoming a ‘star’ - not in an egotistical way, but simply being free to be ‘perfectly oneself’, rather than needing to be perfect.

Recommended for:

  • Those suffering from self-doubt and self-criticism.
  • Those who need a boost to their self-esteem, and to expand their love for self and others.
  • Adolescents who need to stay heart-centred, and find the strength to ‘be themselves’ rather than copy others, as they step into the world of adulthood.
  • Those who ‘lose heart’ or find their confidence collapses after criticism, rejection or heartbreak. For those who take criticism very personally and seriously.
  • Those in any performing role – teachers, public speakers, actors etc – who need to stay heart-centred and confident: to be radiant and ‘shine like a star’.
  • Those who live or work in a 3D environment - who need to hold themselves in a place of unconditional love, despite the negativity of those around them. (Helps you stay heart-centred, so that you don’t have to ‘act tough’ or become hard-hearted as a way of coping.)
    Star Magnolia - £7.00 incl postage (15 ml stock bottle)

Enchanter's Hightshade plant

2. ENCHANTER’S NIGHTSHADE (Circaea lutetiana)

Keywords: Alchemy. Union of opposites. The sacred marriage. Oneness and connectedness.

For inner conflict; being stuck over major decisions; feeling torn and 'split'; projecting one's Shadow on to others or the world. Being fearful, lonely or isolated. Longing for mystical union. For alchemical transformation of the Self.

“I enter into the sacred marriage within.”

 Enchanter's Nightshade helps us to unite apparent opposites, or resolve inner conflict, by shifting us to a higher level of consciousness - e.g. if we are caught between the desire to be active and make a difference 'vs' the desire to relax and simply 'be', or feel torn between following our heart or fulfilling duty. It is like a Zen teacher which helps us to transcend paradox, and expands our awareness to new horizons. It can be a challenging essence to work with, as it shifts us beyond the stuckness and limitation of 'either-or' to 'both-and'.

It is also for mental processes spinning out of control - for fears and anxieties, or being troubled by our own Shadow. It helps us integrate our dark Shadow and befriend our 'enemies'. It unites warring opposites.

At a higher octave, it promotes mystical awareness and the 'sacred marriage' within. It helps us re-member that everything is One. It aids shamanic journeying and can give us glimpses into the magic of the Otherworld.

Enchanter's Nightshade  - £7.00 incl postage (15 ml stock bottle) 

Snakeshead Fritillary plant

3. SNAKESHEAD FRITILLARY (Fritillaria meleagris)

Keywords: Shamanic death and rebirth, letting go, sacrificing ‘the old’ to make way for the new. Releasing old obstacles. Surrendering to the flow. Giving birth to a new self.

“I surrender the past, and give birth to a new self.”

 If you have done a lot of emotional clearing, Snakeshead Fritillary essence offers a rebirth into the next stage of your unfolding journey. You have to be willing to let go, to surrender to the flow and to ‘make sacrifices’, perhaps giving up preconceived notions about who you are or where you are going. It is a lunar as well as solar essence - so it also works with the subconscious and karmic issues.

Message from the Snakeshead deva: ‘I toll the death-knell of your old way of being – sleepwalking through life unaware of your higher existence. I am the Awakener...I carry the Snakeshead symbol of transmutation – death and rebirth. This is the true meaning of ‘resurrection’. Those who are ready for me are willing to subjugate their ego in service to the highest good. They begin to identify with the collective consciousness of humanity – and indeed of the whole planet – and to serve that greater whole. There is no sacrifice in this, simply the recognition that the physical body in which your consciousness is focussed is a small spark of a much greater fire. But it can feel like a death, a letting go, a sacrifice of old goals and ideals. And then a joyful rebirth into a vaster consciousness...My white blooms symbolise the shroud of death, while my purple and white chequered flowers – far more numerous – are linked to the purple and white of the crown chakra... It is like releasing your old life as a mere pawn – having successfully overcome any obstacles or ‘opponents’ in your way - and stepping into your true majesty , your true power, your true freedom as a king or queen.’

Snakeshead Fritillary  - £7.00 incl postage (15 ml stock bottle) 

Dark Mullein plant

4. DARK MULLEIN (Verbascum nigrum)

KEYWORDS:  Being true to yourself; authenticity. Stepping into your power. Letting go of the need for approval, or fear of censure. Clearing old blockages.

"I am true to myself."

For help in standing up for your own convictions, standing your ground, ‘coming out’ and being who you are - especially when you have karmic fears about openness and self-expression. For those who feel a split between their public and private selves - perhaps appearing bright and happy on the outside while secretly struggling with deep hurt, fear or pain; or for those who hide their spirituality, sexuality or other aspects of the self in order to ‘fit in with the crowd’. For integrating parts of your Shadow which you have been hiding, perhaps even from yourself. For stepping into your power and becoming more whole. For those who are ready to fulfil their higher purpose in a public way. Helps you to feel safe in the world, and able to be open and honest. A solar/lunar essence which assists in karmic and subconscious clearing (eg. for those who have been exiled or tortured in past lives - or punished/bullied in childhood - for standing up for their beliefs, or for being ‘different’).

Some of the feedback from the Research Group who tested Dark Mullein:

‘I know it has had an incredible impact on me.... A massive surge in my inner confidence... I am now putting myself first.... Starting to feel a lot more positive about my life and my future...’

 ‘I almost immediately felt more energy and a much more positive attitude again.... All sorts of things are suddenly coming together.’ (including finding it much easier to talk to her partner about her plans, and feeling listened to and supported by him).

 ‘...the gorgeous Dark Mullein essence... For me the effect has been all about blocks - seeing that many perceived blocks just aren’t, and dissolving real ones too.’

‘ gaining a stronger sense of self-belief... [and] a feeling of letting go of ‘being nice’ and ‘what will they think of me? - what a relief!!!’

‘I feel re-balanced and am very clear about my next steps! [Dark Mullein] seems to be a very powerful catalyst for change and certainly affected me in ways that were very pronounced and unexpected...’

‘It has brought things to the surface and I feel that now I am releasing them... I feel much more confident about my professional ability...‘

‘I can see the difference. If people like or accept me fine, but I don’t care whether they do or not... I’m doing more of what I really want... making time to look after myself in a way I haven’t done for years...’  

Dark Mullein  - £7.00 incl postage (15 ml stock bottle)

Stone Circle plant


(Made at Castlerigg Stone Circle at Spring equinox - with gem essences of selenite & haematite.)

“I am grounding higher energies.
I am safe and protected.”

For helping to ground and stabilise higher energies in your body. (Only when you are fully grounded and embodied, and allow emotions to flow freely, can you reach your full potential.) For when you feel overwhelmed by change and instability, or when life seems chaotic. Or when you have gone ‘too high’ spiritually, and need to ground yourself in your body. Or when strong emotions toss you about, and you try to ‘run away’ or resist what is happening.

Helps to stabilise, balance and integrate your energy system. For a feeling of being ‘held by the ancients’. Helps you gain a wider perspective, to trust that everything is unfolding perfectly, to ‘see the funny side’ and be less easily knocked by everyday events. For when you need to feel like a stone circle - immovable, timeless, imperturbable, whole and complete in yourself. For when you need a sense of comfort and protection. Or when you just need to ground yourself in the practicalities of life.

‘I felt a great sense of safety... I definitely felt protected and held within my very own stone circle. A feeling that I was absolutely in the right place at the right time... A practical, earthing, grounding essence... Comforting, perspective-restoring and uplifting... I absolutely loved it.’

‘I took a dose... and felt a grounding rush of energy.’

‘I began having a new understanding of time and timelessness... it took the pressure off... I feel able to take my time with things... I have felt protected and looked after despite circumstances... and emotionally calmer... an amazing essence. It really has helped me in so many ways.’

Stone Circle  - £7.00 incl postage (15 ml stock bottle) 

Self Heal plant

6. SELF-HEAL (Prunella vulgaris with gem essence of fuchsite)

“Everything I need lies within me.”

For confidence in your own ability to heal or change, and to know what is right for you. For those who tend to reply on experts, or are easily swayed by the opinions of others. For those who are addicted to drugs/alcohol, or in codependent relationships. Helps us know that our soul never faces us with challenges that we cannot handle, or problems we cannot solve - and that all the resources we need lie within. Brings us back to our own centre. For knowing that ‘All is well - and all will be well’.

“I took Self-Heal and almost immediately felt the fear [about my health] drop away and trust begin.... The trust became deeper and I was able to let go...”

“I feel a great change has come over me since [taking] this essence.... it has given me belief in myself and my own abilities... I feel empowered and happy...”

Self-Heal  - £7.00 incl postage (15 ml stock bottle) 

White Foxglove plant


(Digitalis alba - with gem essences of celestite and lapis lazuli)

“I awaken to my potential. I envision the future.”

For awakening and inspiration. For remembering who you truly are - a magnificent being of Light in human form. For awakening to your higher purpose, and what will bring you joy. For reaching far beyond ‘what is’ to ‘what might be’ - your unfulfilled potential and unremembered wings. For helping to still the mind, so you might listen to your intuitive guidance and the quiet promptings of your heart. For going with the flow; for a sense of endless-time and dreamy-space, like a hazy summer’s day. For becoming a Dreamer, a visionary for the future.

‘An immense number of synchronicities have happened...I can’t describe how ‘in the flow’ I have felt—pure ecstasy... It’s as if the past is behind you and all there is...IS! I have loads more time... Like a hazy summer’s day sums it all up... I love this essence.’

‘...a very strong sense of ‘It’s time to step into my own’. I have a very strong feeling that whatever I do will be done with great energy and that doors will just open for me. White Foxglove has increased my sense of my own potential...’

‘Vision... I have been aware of wider thinking and dreams; also the idea that now is the time to bring dreams into action, together with a confidence in them and in myself. I have also felt a very strong pull to go inwards...’

‘This essence helped to open a door into my psychic skills.... I am finding a mental clarity that has been missing for a long time.’

‘I felt a great space had been created in which I could explore creating my dreams, my vision, while also living fully in the present... I realised the impatience and busy-busy approach to creating my dreams had melted away—leaving a greater sense of peace and trust in going with the flow...’

White Foxglove  - £7.00 incl postage (15 ml stock bottle) 


(Environmental essence with gem essences of charoite and kyanite)
I’ve wanted to make this essence for years, and finally found the perfect combination of fast-flowing waterfalls, the fresh energy of spring and totally blue sky – on a day when my diary was free. I guess I was ready for this essence at last!  Made at a Lakeland waterfall as an environmental essence – along with gem essences of charoite and kyanite, which help in releasing the old, allowing trust and clearing negativity, fear or stuckness. 

“I let go – and trust in the flow.”

Helps you soften, relax and go with the flow. For releasing stagnant or blocked energy. For letting go of habitual emotions, stuck situations or self-defeating habits. Moving from fear of change to hope, joy and delight in change—trusting that the flow will carry you towards your dreams, that you don’t have to stay in control, or try so hard. For trusting that when one door closes, another will open. An essence of transition—especially in case of stuckness or repeated patterns. Helps you look forward with hope and expectancy, instead of looking back. Helps you to see change as the essence of life.   

Waterfall - £7.00 incl postage (15 ml stock bottle) 

9. BUTTERFLY BUSH (Buddleia davidii)  

Keywords:  For shock, crisis and trauma. Overwhelmed by life changes. Feeling stuck, paralysed or emotionally frozen.  Repeating old patterns. Turning crisis into opportunity. Seeing the gifts from the past.                         
       "I turn trauma into transformation."

   For crisis, shock and trauma - or feeling overwhelmed by life changes. For the aftershock of trauma. Emotionally frozen, stuck, paralysed or unable to move forward. Detached or self-isolating. Helps to turn crisis or trauma into a crucible for change, by shifting you into a higher state of consciousness.

  Crisis or trauma usually stems from an old energetic pattern or habit of thought which is repeating itself—a well-practised neural pathway, or stuck vibrational pattern. This essence helps you wake up and witness this old pattern, so that you can break the ‘chain of pain’. It enables you to see the bigger picture and respond in new ways, so that you can break free. It helps you move through crisis into a positive new chapter of your life. Butterfly Bush (more commonly known as Buddleia) supports your metamorphosis from caterpillar into butterfly. 

Butterfly Bush - £7.00 incl postage (15 ml stock bottle)

Single essences cost £7.00 each - or £55 for full set of 9 single essences above.

Order set of 9 single essences for £55 here:



Five combination essences are available at £8.00 each (incl. postage within UK):

EEEK! (Rescue Remedy) - This new Lakeland Essence contains four flower, gem and environmental essences: pear blossom, Buddleia, Stone Circle and red jasper. Together these essences provide a powerful rescue remedy for times of shock, stress, overwhelm or turmoil – any time when you want to feel safe, calm, grounded and at peace, and to trust in the bigger picture of what is unfolding. (In these turbulent times, you might want to order two or more bottles! Or perhaps get a bottle for a friend who is in need.) 

LIVE THE DREAM—For expanding your dreams and visions; stepping into a larger self; knowing that you create your own reality. (Oriental Poppy, White Foxglove & Snakeshead Fritillary.) 

OPEN TO RECEIVE—Coming into balance. Taking action when it is well-timed and in the flow, instead of being over-busy and efforting. Opening to receive gifts, instead of striving to earn rewards. (Dandelion, White Rhododendron, amazonite, aragonite & topaz.) 

TRUE TO MYSELF—Inner strength. Living with integrity - without defensiveness or pretence. Being Self-centred. Coming home to one’s true self. (Dark Mullein, Self-Heal, Stone Circle & kyanite.) 

WILD LOVE—Unconditional love for self, others and the world. Moving from codependency to co-creation. (Star Magnolia, Enchanters Nightshade, Self-Heal & kunzite.) 

Combo essences (15 ml bottle) £8.00 each (incl postage)

(A leaflet on the Lakeland Essences  is available from our office. For info about postal essence consultations with Gill, see Consultations page of website.)