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In a loving Universe, every dream can come true.
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3. PURE BLISS - 1999.

4. WILD LOVE - 2006.

5. LIFE IS A GIFT - 2007.


(All published by Piatkus, London, England.)

Also: Beyond The Drama Triangle booklet

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Creating Health and Well-Being in a Conscious Universe

Published by Piatkus in November 2010.

Why do people become ill? How can you help yourself and others to heal? Why do some people heal ‘spontaneously’ from cancer and other diseases? And why should you believe six impossible things before breakfast, if you want to experience vibrant health and happiness?

  Conscious Medicine explores the current scientific revolution in physics and biology, and why it must transform conventional medicine. Packed with fascinating case studies and research, the book explores how stress and trauma lead to emotional and physical disease, how our thoughts affect our DNA, why our emotions provide the key to health, and how our body speaks to us in its own language through symptoms and disease. It suggests that the body is intelligent, conscious and infinitely helpful – and that disease comes as a friend and teacher, nudging us to grow and evolve. As we practise conscious medicine, we expand our joyful potential – and open up to magic and miracles.

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NEW IN 2011:

Creating Healthy Relationships

Every unhealthy interaction is said to take place around the drama triangle - from the three roles of Persecutor, Rescuer or Victim. Almost everyone has a default position on the drama triangle which they flip into under stress. If this becomes habitual, it will damage your emotional and physical health, and wreck your personal relationships. Yet it is quite likely to be invisible to you.

 In this original 52-page booklet, Gill Edwards offers a guide to recognising, handling and overcoming these unhealthy habits of thinking and interacting. It outlines what each ’type’ needs to do in order to move towards healthy patterns of relating. It also looks at what lies beyond drama: the three healthy ego-states of the love triangle, which allow you and your relationships to thrive.  

Due to the high demand for these booklets, they have now been professionally printed and bound by Badger Press, Bowness.

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If you have a dream, you can make it come true. You can create your own heaven on earth, no matter what your starting point. You simply need to focus on what you desire, then get out of your own way. Whatever you ask for, this loving Universe always says yes - and it wants to deliver your gifts. So it is guiding you every step of the way.

In Life is a Gift, Gill Edwards explains why unconditional love is the key to creating miracles. She offers the four cosmic secrets of aligning with the flow of the cosmos to make your dreams come true - for greater success and prosperity, good health, loving relationships, finding your ideal job or home, attracting a soulmate, making a difference in the world or finding inner peace and joy.

'Gill Edwards has a special gift, a unique treasure, to offer humanity, and my soul sings its thanks to her every time I read a page of her writing.'
Neale Donald Walsch

'Always inspiring and enlightening, Gill is a great spiritual teacher whose wisdom lovingly and clearly illuminates the inner worlds and everyday reality.'
William Bloom

LIFE IS A GIFT is an easy-to-read guide to conscious reality creation - packed with everyday examples and practical guidance - by a clinical psychologist who has been teaching this for the past 18 years (and is still learning!)
(Piatkus, 2007) 

LIFE IS A GIFT - £8.99 from shops, or £10.00 (signed by author) by post from our office.(for UK/Europe). For shipping costs worldwide, see bottom of page,


Discover the magical secrets of freedom, joy and unconditional love.

Foreword by Neale Donald Walsch (author of Conversations With God):
"The world is the way it is because we don't love wildly. We don't love life wildly, we don't love each other wildly, and we don't love ourselves wildly... This book is a delicious wisdom. Let's invite humanity to gobble it up."

Wild Love offers a revolutionary approach to what love really means, and how to make our lives and relationships truly magical. It suggests that whenever we try to be good - or expect others to be good - we disconnect from the freedom, joy and unconditional love that is our natural birthright. Our relationships fall into 'blaming, shaming and taming', and will be shallow, insecure or unfulfilling. It is only when we aim to be happy, and reach for our dreams, that we reconnect with Source energy - and release our unique potential.

Gill Edwards explains that a deep, magical and joyous reality lies just beyond our reach - if only we can find the key to unlock the door. In Wild Love, she helps us find that elusive key, by giving up our old patterns of relating, and aligning ourselves with Source energy.

Freedom comes from knowing that nothing and no-one 'out there' is responsible for what we experience or how we feel. We can only change our lives from the inside out. Whenever our energy flow is blocked by fear or judgment, love becomes tame and conditional - and life is a pale shadow of what it might be.

Wild Love is a beautifully written and inspiring book which will help you become wild and free, and to become a passionate and visionary co-creator of heaven on earth.

WILD LOVE (book) £8.99 from shops. £10 by post - (UK/Europe) For shipping costs worldwide, see bottom of page.


(First published 1991; new edition June 2006, £10.99 from bookshops)

'Wise, practical and helpful - a classic.' (William Bloom)

Living Magically is a highly acclaimed best-seller which offers a psycho-spiritual approach to everyday life. Drawing upon mystics, scientists and channelled sources, it gives a startling vision of reality which challenges all of our 'common-sense' assumptions about the world. It offers practical ideas and tools for releasing the past, finding your true purpose and making your Dreams come true.

'The first step in learning how to live magically is examining our beliefs: the most crucial ingredient of the 'broth' we call life. Beliefs are a form of self-hypnosis. They are the guiding fictions which we repeat to ourselves so often, and with such conviction, that we ...act as if they were true.'

Part One

1. A trick of the light?
2. Beyond the bridge of belief
Part Two
1. The inner journey
2. Take one cosmic egg
3. Through the looking glass
4. Cracks in the mirror
5. Listening to the whispers
6. What is really real?
7. Into the Shadowlands
8. Awakening to your Dream
9. Dance with the angels

LIVING MAGICALLY (book) £8.99 from shops. £10 by post (UK/Europe) For shipping costs worldwide, see bottom of page,


(First published 1993. New edition June 2006. £10.99 from bookshops)

The book opens with a dramatic experience of Gill's while training with a kahuna in Hawaii - and it offers you the choice to grow through joy rather than struggle. It gives a magical yet practical, down-to-earth approach to creating your life of your Dreams.

'When we choose to grow through joy, we have to learn to enjoy change! Growing through joy, reaching for our Dreams, means constantly facing new challenges, new opportunities, new situations. It means diving in at the deep end, rather than paddling along the shoreline.'

1. A foot in both worlds.
2. Stepping into the magic.
3. Our three inner selves.
4. Dancing your Dream awake.
5. Everything is our friend.
6. Body language.
7. Our unseen friends.
8. Many hands, light work.
9. Magic moments.
10. Adventures in consciousness.

STEPPING INTO THE MAGIC (book) £8.99 from shops. £10 by post (UK/Europe) - signed by author. For shipping costs worldwide, see bottom of page,


(First published in hardback in 1999. New edition in June 2006: £10.99 from bookshops)

Gill's third book, PURE BLISS, helps you create your own heaven on earth. Part One explains why we get stuck in an addictive cycle of struggle, effort and busywork - the cycle of Hard Time. It also reveals the magical world of Soft Time which is always available to us, where we can learn to live from our deep Self - and find true happiness, fulfilment and inner peace.

Part Two offers 70 practical guidelines and mystical insights on the art of living in Soft Time - with sections on the inner self, relationships, parenting, work, money, health and the home.

When you're living in Soft Time, you will:

  • tap into your inner wisdom with ease
  • be more creative and productive - without struggle and 'efforting'
  • escape from addiction and co-dependency
  • fulfil your higher purpose
  • solve problems effortlessly
  • find your peak performance
  • be in the 'right place at the right time'
  • find inner peace
  • enjoy the simple pleasures of life
  • feel more vibrantly alive and joyful

'The truth is that the magical world of Soft Time is real, and lies just a hair's breadth from us. It might take only a gentle whisper, a silent moment of stillness, a gasp of awe or a heart-felt hug to make the shift.'

'If it feels heavy, don't do it! It's a rule which gives an amazing sense of freedom to life. It allows you to devote your time and energy to people, work and activities that you truly love. Best of all, it is a powerful tool for letting go of struggle and living in Soft Time.'

Contents of PURE BLISS
Part One

1. Hard Time, Soft Time and the Flow.
2. Wild and Free.
3. In Search of the Holy Grail.
4. The Mystic Heart.
Part Two (70 short chapters)
1. The Inner Self.
2. Relationships.
3. Parenting.
4. Work
5. Money.
6. Health.
7. Home.

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