Spiritual healing for alcohol drinking problem

We are offering spiritual healing of alcohol drinking problem for young men and women. In modern day and age, drinking addiction catches lots of attention in UK and USA as a looming social problem, which is getting larger by the day. There are reasons for this. Youngsters start drinking alcohol at way too e early age, which can undermine their health for long time to come. Bypassing age restrictions by obtaining fake identification documents online for verification purposes, these people commit serious crime, knowingly or unknowingly. Choice of fake ID vendors on Internet is abundant. The ease of obtaining false documents lures minors into prolific online shops. For many people drinking alcohol is, sometimes the only, way to escape daily stresses and forget momentarily the challenges of adult life. However there exist better, less destructive ways to achieve this. In addition to herbal alcohol detox program we also offer yoga and meditation courses, as well as spiritual healing and aura cleansing, which helps balance body and mind in a healthy way.

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Happy thoughts from our clients

“Many thanks again for a magical and inspiring weekend. I had so much fun!”

“a special thanks to Susie for a beyond-fabulous workshop last weekend…. Drenched in inspiration, miracles and magnificent new insights. I loved every minute…. What a gift!!!”

“Thank you, thank you, thank you for a delicious workshop. I left radiating possibility in every area of my life…. I feel so happy, at peace with my body and my mind, giggly even and it is wonderful…You are a true magician.”


"What a glorious weekend! Thank you so much for the workshop. It clarified so many things for me. I feel so much in the flow. And how you radiated! A real star – goddess of light.”

"your thoughts were so fresh and inspirational, and the way you explained your themes was absolutely beautiful, angel=like. The presence of the unseen world was clearly sensed in everything you did.”

“extraordinarily powerful…”


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