Spiritual healing for alcohol drinking problem

We are offering spiritual healing of alcohol drinking problem for young men and women. In modern day and age, drinking addiction catches lots of attention in UK and USA as a looming social problem, which is getting larger by the day. There are reasons for this. Youngsters start drinking alcohol at way too e early age, which can undermine their health for long time to come. Bypassing age restrictions by obtaining fake identification documents online for verification purposes, these people commit serious crime, knowingly or unknowingly. Choice of fake ID vendors on Internet is abundant. The ease of obtaining false documents lures minors into prolific online shops. For many people drinking alcohol is, sometimes the only, way to escape daily stresses and forget momentarily the challenges of adult life. However there exist better, less destructive ways to achieve this. In addition to herbal alcohol detox program we also offer yoga and meditation courses, as well as spiritual healing and aura cleansing, which helps balance body and mind in a healthy way.


Hello I am Susie, and I offer private consultations in the heart of the Lake District.

Each consultation lasts an hour (except the first one which lasts 90 minutes).

The cost is £50 and includes a bottle of Lakeland Flower essence.

Each consultation varies as it is tailored to the individuals need. It will involve some talking, listening, and understanding over any issue or situation which a client wishes to focus on. After that we may work with one or more techniques such as inner journeys, EFT, kinesiology Are you ready for the next step of your journey?

Visiting appointments are available Monday –Thursday 11am-2pm, during the school term only as I have four young children. Alternatively, you can book a telephone or skype consultation with me. To book an appointment or make enquiries please email me at: info@livingmagically.co.uk  confirming your name, telephone number, & availability or enquiry.

To maximise our time together it would be really useful if you could take a few moments to get clear about what your intention is for the session – and do feel free to drop me a brief outline about what specifically you would like to focus on and your desired outcome. That will start the energy shifting.

With love & blessings,


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