Spiritual healing for alcohol drinking problem

We are offering spiritual healing of alcohol drinking problem for young men and women. In modern day and age, drinking addiction catches lots of attention in UK and USA as a looming social problem, which is getting larger by the day. There are reasons for this. Youngsters start drinking alcohol at way too e early age, which can undermine their health for long time to come. Bypassing age restrictions by obtaining fake identification documents online for verification purposes, these people commit serious crime, knowingly or unknowingly. Choice of fake ID vendors on Internet is abundant. The ease of obtaining false documents lures minors into prolific online shops. For many people drinking alcohol is, sometimes the only, way to escape daily stresses and forget momentarily the challenges of adult life. However there exist better, less destructive ways to achieve this. In addition to herbal alcohol detox program we also offer yoga and meditation courses, as well as spiritual healing and aura cleansing, which helps balance body and mind in a healthy way.


Hello !

I am Susie, and I am honouring Gill’s wishes to take Living Magically into its next phase.

I’m a mother to four children and we live, work, and play, in the heart of the Lake District.

Gill gifted LM to me because she said we shared the same beliefs, approach and understanding about life, and because I know her work well.

I was trained by Gill and worked with her for over 23 years and I used to run workshops in London.

I now run workshops in the Lake District and I offer private consultations.

So where did it begin?

I was 16 years old when I first met Gill.

After hearing her live interview on Radio 4, I decided to read the book she was promoting; ‘Living Magically’.

New to therapy and totally unfamiliar with the whole Mind~body~Spirit approach. This was an adventure!

I was ill at the time. Verging on the edge of life and death. So I took the risk and booked my first consultation with Gill. During the session she led me on an inner journey (a meditation). I saw various symbols, colours and creatures which she interpreted and later explained represented aspects of my life. I will never forget that first session with her.

I thought she was completely mad! Totally wacky – and possibly in need of more help than me!

Yet I liked her; warmed by her radiant smile and her infectious giggle. Crazy she may be I thought, but clearly she can laugh at life and have fun. Furthermore, the accuracy in which she had interpreted my life was hard to ignore. Highlighting my life themes, gifts and challenges. I left the session with a frazzled brain. My mind swirling with a myriad of questions.

Urged on by my curiosity and my need to know more, I continued to have consultations with Gill. The wacky, giggly, lady with the enormous heart. Her unusual approach rapidly became normal to me. Gill was humble and sincere, deeply connected to Spirit and totally dedicated to empowering others.

Like a catalyst; she fuelled my spark of transformation. From merely existing ~ to joyously living.  Inspired and motivated. I took 100% responsibility for my life. Shifting my focus from helpless, victim mode ~ into powerful potential.

My life transformed. My health recovered and I was happier than ever.

After that, I was totally hooked and I knew I wanted to help empower others!

I became Gill’s workshop assistant and spent hours reading personal development books. Plus several years training in; psychology, counselling, metaphysics, Feng Shui, Reiki, Shamanism, kinesiology, EFT, The Light Body (Training & Teachers course), Metamorphic technique, Family constellations, massage, reflexology & Healing, throughout the UK, Norway & USA.

In London I ran my own workshops and private consultations, until I settled down and had a family. Then I moved to the Lake District.

Immersed in having children and bringing them up – I continued to help Gill with her workshops.

Then in November 2011 everything changed! Gill’s passing was inviting me to step out of my shadow lands ~ to become the new owner of LM. No more procrastination, no more excuses or delays. Time to do the work that Gill had introduced, trained and prepared me for. Work that I love and am deeply passionate about.

Honoured to accept this role, I now invite you to journey with me. Out of your shadow lands, your hiding places, and comfort zones ~ to step into the light! To empower you to be, the person you were born to be.

So tell me, what is your passion ? Your forgotten hopes and dreams? The unique, gifts & talents lying dormant within you? Waiting to be awoken, and set free.  What have you come to offer the world?

It’s time now ~to set yourself free! Time to Live Magically ~ with love, joy and authenticity!

With love & blessings,




‘Do what makes your heart sing and your spirit dance!’

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