These are sites of people and businesses that we recommend. They are mostly people that Gill learnt from, or whose work she admired, or those who attended Gill’s workshops – and many were personal friends. If you’d like to add a link to the Living Magically site on your own website, that would be great. Please let us know!

Visit our Facebook page run by Kate Trafford at – ‘angelic’ channelled music tapes/CDs as used on Living Magically CDs, tapes and workshops.

www.consciousbusinesscoaching.orgDeeply transformative Barbara Brennan-trained energy healer & business coach  – I have experienced Tracey’s work and it is amazing! – amazing Barbara Brennan-trained energy-healer at Findhorn who helped me in my journey through breast cancer. He also runs excellent workshops. – website of Susan Hill (Tunbridge Wells) – Energy Riches, website of Rob Mason  (Devon) of Carole Howard (Midlands) – Gill’s former husband John Sutherland has been an organisational consultant since 1990, and his company focusses on supporting top management teams in turning vision and strategy into action (i.e. creating their own reality). Works all over Europe, with UK and international clients. – also Gill’s former husband’s website, in his other role as musical composer, and teacher of Aramaic spirituality. We sell his beautiful CD, Blessings, on our website. – Colleen de Winton’s beautiful music is available for sale at Living Magically workshops, and via her website. I particularly love her new CD, Inana. Earthy, haunting, melodic and divine. (Colleen is married to Gill’s former husband John.) – workshops, books, tapes etc from Aloha International (Serge Kahili King et al) on Huna wisdom.
– space clearing workshops, books, consultations with Karen Kingston et al.
   – workshops on native American shamanism etc from the Eagle’s Wing centre.
– workshops etc with author William Bloom.
– Piatkus Books online. – directories etc of spiritual and healing resources.
– developing site on mind-body-spirit: info, message board, chat room etc. – website of the well-known Mind Body Spirit Festivals in London and Manchester.
– mystic fayres in Cornwall.
– website of Alternatives at St James’s, Piccadilly, London; talks and workshops from leading spiritual teachers.
– online community of spiritual, metaphysical and healing practitioners. – website for Orin and Daben, channelled by Sanaya Roman and Duane Packer. Wonderful range of metaphysical tapes, books and seminars etc. Tiana Marie, inspiring visionary artist who works with Light, and has been compared with Turner. A Lakeland artist, who works in the Lake District and Glastonbury. (We now have three of her wonderful mixed-media paintings.) She also runs painting workshops and produces beautiful greetings cards etc. – wonderful spiritual books for children and their parents. Mail-order catalogue. – website on the beautiful English Lake District, where Living Magically is based. – Flower essences, homoeopathic and herbal remedies etc by mail order from a group of holistic health practitioners based in the Lake District. (Also workshops.) Lovely website. – Steve Nobel, author of ‘Freeing The Spirit’ etc. who was co-director of Alternatives at St James’s. Workshops, one-to-one sessions etc. Gill knew Steve for many, many years and would recommend him warmly. – Environmentally Friendly, Sustainable, Organic, Ethical, Healthy, Easy, Joyful Modern Living”. – Veritas has been running successful Well-Being breaks for families for over three years and has run 30 breaks across the south coast for over three hundred children and families – for socially excluded groups including children in care, young people and teenage mothers. They also run Well-Being Breaks for business teams and any group looking to relax in a fun, supported and enlivening environment. They also run creative training packages for corporate, community, and statutory organisations including their unique style of ‘community building’ and family relationship training. Dom Chapman’s solo debut album  UNEXPLODED BOMBSHELL by CHAPMAN came out in summer 2006 – Gill highly recommended it. His beautiful song Love Is What We Are was inspired by Gill’s books – and in turn, inspired Gill whilst she was writing Wild Love, and became the final words of the book. Visit the website to listen to tracks from the album. Also Businesses in Cumbria  Online shop, based in Wiltshire, selling quality hand-picked crystals, crystal jewellery etc at very reasonable prices.