Healing Your Inner Adolescent


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The Inner Child is well-known, yet your Inner Adolescent is also a powerful conscious being within you which can be frozen in time. It can turn you into a control freak or a martyr, make you addictive or codependent, black-or-white and judgmental towards the world, over-concerned with superficial appearances and with `what others think´, or leave you with a shaky sense of self and unclear boundaries.
This CD outlines 7 characteristics of the Inner Adolescent-along with stories which include the Princess of Wales and Elton John-and 7 simple ways to heal its wounds. It also offers an inner journey to meet your Inner Adolescent and guide. Total running time: 61 mins. 


Two tracks:

1. Knowing and healing your Inner Adolescent 

2. Inner journey to meet your Inner Adolescent 

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