Living in the 4th Dimension (Four CDs)


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We´ve had amazing feedback about the power and magic of this set! Set of four CDs, offering 8 inner journeys and processes based on Gill´s `Living in the 4th Dimension´ workshop.
Living in the 4th dimension means living beyond fear and struggle – expanding our consciousness beyond the personality-self, and living in harmony with our soul. In the 4th dimension, we are embodied mystics. Our lives are filled with love, joy and creativity – and we fulfil our higher purpose with clarity and ease.

Eight CD tracks:
1. Living From Your Heart.
2. Beyond Fear and Doubt.
3. Clearing Your Emotional Body.
4. Inner Male and Female
5. Effortless Miracles.
6. Body-Soul Fusion.
7. Meeting a Guide on Causal Plane.
8. Initiation and the 4th Gateway.