Workshop Introduction – Transcending Shame – the waves that carry you home – a series of 4 online workshops



‘Life was never meant to be that painful.’

Shame is a state of being and unlike other maladies it is more integrated and more complex to work with.

When shame is positively expressed it is a very powerful, vital part of our growth. But when shame is negatively expressed – it can be destructive.
Shame can facilitate the defining of self, or it can instigate the denial of self.

* With shame you are not allowed to make a mistake ~ you are the mistake.
* Forgiveness doesn’t work because you feel unforgivable.
* Needs and wants ~ the shame based person has them, but not before anyone else’s needs or wants or the world’s needs and     
* There is a shield that stands between you and all that you could be, have and do.
* Change ~ nothing really changes.
* The shame based person feels unprepared for life. Often feeling numb, obsessed or addicted as you go through life, since it  
 helps you to cope with life.
* You feel shame on a continuum ~ so the debilitating effects of shame, effect you continuously.

Why is shame destructive?
Because it is one of the most powerful sleeping pills – it keeps you asleep.

Every one of us has shame to varying degrees; some people transform their shame, but for others ~ shame has reached unhealthy levels, with imprisoning effects.

There are several waves of shame, which if not dispersed can accumulate and gain momentum.
Eventually peaking and crashing down upon you.

So now, you no longer feel shame – you are shame.

Even if you haven’t been conscious of these shame waves, perhaps you’ve been carrying them.

We often see shame as emotional, but it reaches far deeper into our physiology. Effecting not just what we think and feel, but how we think and feel.
Shame can be intense enough to alter body structures, brain chemistry and DNA ~ along with affecting our ability to attract and receive love.

What is your reality mirroring back to you?
Maybe the echoes of shame ~ that perhaps you had dismissed as your unworthiness, or as your being flawed in some way?
Our consciousness is made up of our thoughts, beliefs and feelings.. it sets the tone, the vibration, and the mould for the reality that we live in.

A lot of people who feel shame go through life pretending that they haven’t got it. So how do I know if we are carrying shame? Here are some potent clues to assist you;


  1. Do you find yourself panicking when someone says I love you, or that they need you, or that they rely on you?

Then that’s a very large clue that you are in the midst of shame.

I’m prepared to look at creating money, a relationship ….. But I’m not prepared to have it, or to feel it, or to experience it. It’s too much pressure.

  1. Do you find yourself becoming anxious when you’re threatened with success or when your dreams are coming true?

You are happy processing for success, or dreaming about your success, but when it manifests you become anxious or threatened. That is shame.

  1. Do you find yourself beating yourself up or running yourself down when you make the most inconsequential error?

When the slightest error or mistake seems detrimental and you beat yourself up, then that is shame.

  1. When you make an error or a mistake, do you deny it, defend it, distract yourself, fill yourself with delusion, or do you minimise it as if it’s no big deal?

”That’s not my fault, it’s your reality, you created it.”

The little mistakes you’ll destroy yourselves over, but the big mistakes we delude and defend ourselves, we distract and deny the error itself. We are wrapped up in shame.

  1. Do you find yourself overwhelmed with envy, jealousy, and rage even at other people’s success,  but on the surface you say how happy you are for them?

And as much as you hate feeling this way, you can’t help it. That is an indicator that you are immersed in shame.

  1. Do you repeatedly watch the opportunities of success slip through your fingers ?

‘ I almost had it in the palm of my hand, but it evaporated, it slipped, and I watched it fall apart.’  That is shame.

  1. Do you always feel separate, like you don’t quite fit in, you don’t quite belong anywhere?

You find yourself never really being happy. Refusing to be happy. Always finding the yes but, I could be happy if……
Always feeling separate and unhappy no matter how good things are.

Everything can transform into its higher form ~ if we actively and consciously turn it around.

Ripple 1 ~ 15th October 2023  Time: 1pm-2.30pm
We explore the introduction of shame into our lives and the purpose of shame. Looking at how it was trying to help us. Then we begin the process of reawakening the passion and imagination that we have lost. Moving forward to invite more love and support into our lives.

Ripple 2 ~ 26th November 2023  Time: 1pm-2.30pm
We explore the way we handle and deal with shame. The types of shame; natural and artificial and we examine agreements we made, and the holes in our energy field which are borne out of shame ~ which deplete our energy levels. Then we begin the process of nurturing and nourishing ourselves. Honouring our own needs and wants, to begin to take more ownership of our lives.

Ripple 3 ~ 14th January 2024 Time: 1pm-2.30pm
We explore the complexity of shame and discover how shame affects us emotionally and physically.
Shame produces a chemical response within the brain and it can alter the functions of our bodily systems.

We look at what shame does to us, and then we begin the process of releasing shame, to be free at last. Tapping into the power of self acceptance.

Ripple 4 ~ 25th February 2024 Time: 1pm-2.30pm
We learn how to stop the flow, of passing on shame to our children, family, friends, colleagues….all others. We access the light side of shame;  to recapture and re-establish, all that shame kept dormant within us. As we begin the process of repairing the damage that trauma and shame have done to our brain chemistry and mechanics. We restore the balance to our circuitry systems and awaken our brain so it performs as it was originally intended.


What does this course offer? 
4 online workshops each 1.5 hours long,
4 sets of ‘play work’ to cover 28 days, which you can choose to do in your own time in between our online gatherings.
A 30 minute group drop in session following each gathering for questions, sharing, and connecting with a like-minded group. 

£45 per Ripple. Total cost 4 Ripples x £45 = £180. This total can be paid in 4 stages of £45 prior to the start of each gathering or payment can be made in full.

I look forward to connecting with you ~ I know that we will have a magical time together.