Butterfly Bush




BUTTERFLY BUSH (Buddleia davidii)  Postage to Europe is free if you order more than 1 essence.

Keywords:  For shock, crisis and trauma. Overwhelmed by life changes. Feeling stuck, paralysed or emotionally frozen.  Repeating old patterns. Turning crisis into opportunity. Seeing the gifts from the past.
“I turn trauma into transformation.”

   For crisis, shock and trauma – or feeling overwhelmed by life changes. For the aftershock of trauma. Emotionally frozen, stuck, paralysed or unable to move forward. Detached or self-isolating. Helps to turn crisis or trauma into a crucible for change, by shifting you into a higher state of consciousness.

  Crisis or trauma usually stems from an old energetic pattern or habit of thought which is repeating itself-a well-practised neural pathway, or stuck vibrational pattern. This essence helps you wake up and witness this old pattern, so that you can break the `chain of pain´. It enables you to see the bigger picture and respond in new ways, so that you can break free. It helps you move through crisis into a positive new chapter of your life. Butterfly Bush (more commonly known as Buddleia) supports your metamorphosis from caterpillar into butterfly.

We regret that essences cannot be shipped outside of Europe due to recent laws prohibiting the postage of liquids. 

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