Snakeshead Fritillary




SNAKESHEAD FRITILLARY (Fritillaria meleagris) Postage to Europe is free if you order more than 1 essence.

Keywords: Shamanic death and rebirth, letting go, sacrificing `the old´ to make way for the new. Releasing old obstacles. Surrendering to the flow. Giving birth to a new self.

“I surrender the past, and give birth to a new self.”

 If you have done a lot of emotional clearing, Snakeshead Fritillary essence offers a rebirth into the next stage of your unfolding journey. You have to be willing to let go, to surrender to the flow and to `make sacrifices´, perhaps giving up preconceived notions about who you are or where you are going. It is a lunar as well as solar essence – so it also works with the subconscious and karmic issues.

Message from the Snakeshead deva: `I toll the death-knell of your old way of being – sleepwalking through life unaware of your higher existence. I am the Awakener…I carry the Snakeshead symbol of transmutation – death and rebirth. This is the true meaning of `resurrection´. Those who are ready for me are willing to subjugate their ego in service to the highest good. They begin to identify with the collective consciousness of humanity – and indeed of the whole planet – and to serve that greater whole. There is no sacrifice in this, simply the recognition that the physical body in which your consciousness is focussed is a small spark of a much greater fire. But it can feel like a death, a letting go, a sacrifice of old goals and ideals. And then a joyful rebirth into a vaster consciousness…My white blooms symbolise the shroud of death, while my purple and white chequered flowers – far more numerous – are linked to the purple and white of the crown chakra… It is like releasing your old life as a mere pawn – having successfully overcome any obstacles or `opponents´ in your way – and stepping into your true majesty , your true power, your true freedom as a king or queen.´

We regret that essences cannot be shipped outside of Europe due to recent laws prohibiting the postage of liquids. 

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