Dark Mullein




DARK MULLEIN (Verbascum nigrum) Postage to Europe is free if you order more than 1 essence.

KEYWORDS:  Being true to yourself; authenticity. Stepping into your power. Letting go of the need for approval, or fear of censure. Clearing old blockages.

“I am true to myself.”

For help in standing up for your own convictions, standing your ground, `coming out´ and being who you are – especially when you have karmic fears about openness and self-expression. For those who feel a split between their public and private selves – perhaps appearing bright and happy on the outside while secretly struggling with deep hurt, fear or pain; or for those who hide their spirituality, sexuality or other aspects of the self in order to `fit in with the crowd´. For integrating parts of your Shadow which you have been hiding, perhaps even from yourself. For stepping into your power and becoming more whole. For those who are ready to fulfil their higher purpose in a public way. Helps you to feel safe in the world, and able to be open and honest. A solar/lunar essence which assists in karmic and subconscious clearing (eg. for those who have been exiled or tortured in past lives – or punished/bullied in childhood – for standing up for their beliefs, or for being `different´).

Some of the feedback from the Research Group who tested Dark Mullein:

`I know it has had an incredible impact on me…. A massive surge in my inner confidence… I am now putting myself first…. Starting to feel a lot more positive about my life and my future…´

 `I almost immediately felt more energy and a much more positive attitude again…. All sorts of things are suddenly coming together.´ (including finding it much easier to talk to her partner about her plans, and feeling listened to and supported by him).

 `…the gorgeous Dark Mullein essence… For me the effect has been all about blocks – seeing that many perceived blocks just aren´t, and dissolving real ones too.´

`…am gaining a stronger sense of self-belief… [and] a feeling of letting go of `being nice´ and `what will they think of me? – what a relief!!!´

`I feel re-balanced and am very clear about my next steps! [Dark Mullein] seems to be a very powerful catalyst for change and certainly affected me in ways that were very pronounced and unexpected…´

`It has brought things to the surface and I feel that now I am releasing them… I feel much more confident about my professional ability…`

`I can see the difference. If people like or accept me fine, but I don´t care whether they do or not… I´m doing more of what I really want… making time to look after myself in a way I haven´t done for years…´

We regret that essences cannot be shipped outside of Europe due to recent laws prohibiting the postage of liquids.

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