WATERFALL  Postage to Europe is free if you order more than 1 essence.

(Environmental essence with gem essences of charoite and kyanite)
 I´ve wanted to make this essence for years, and finally found the perfect combination of fast-flowing waterfalls, the fresh energy of spring and totally blue sky – on a day when my diary was free. I guess I was ready for this essence at last!  Made at a Lakeland waterfall as an environmental essence – along with gem essences of charoite and kyanite, which help in releasing the old, allowing trust and clearing negativity, fear or stuckness. 

“I let go – and trust in the flow.”

Helps you soften, relax and go with the flow. For releasing stagnant or blocked energy. For letting go of habitual emotions, stuck situations or self-defeating habits. Moving from fear of change to hope, joy and delight in change-trusting that the flow will carry you towards your dreams, that you don´t have to stay in control, or try so hard. For trusting that when one door closes, another will open. An essence of transition-especially in case of stuckness or repeated patterns. Helps you look forward with hope and expectancy, instead of looking back. Helps you to see change as the essence of life.   

We regret that essences cannot be shipped outside of Europe due to recent laws prohibiting the postage of liquids.  

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