Self-Heal (Postage to Europe is free if you order more than 1 essence.)




SELF-HEAL (Prunella vulgaris with gem essence of fuchsite)

“Everything I need lies within me.”

For confidence in your own ability to heal or change, and to know what is right for you. For those who tend to reply on experts, or are easily swayed by the opinions of others. For those who are addicted to drugs/alcohol, or in codependent relationships. Helps us know that our soul never faces us with challenges that we cannot handle, or problems we cannot solve – and that all the resources we need lie within. Brings us back to our own centre. For knowing that `All is well – and all will be well´.

“I took Self-Heal and almost immediately felt the fear [about my health] drop away and trust begin…. The trust became deeper and I was able to let go…”

“I feel a great change has come over me since [taking] this essence…. it has given me belief in myself and my own abilities… I feel empowered and happy…”

We regret that essences cannot be shipped outside of Europe due to recent laws prohibiting the postage of liquids. 

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