Wild Love





Discover the magical secrets of freedom, joy and unconditional love.

Foreword by Neale Donald Walsch (author of Conversations With God):
“The world is the way it is because we don’t love wildly. We don’t love life wildly, we don’t love each other wildly, and we don’t love ourselves wildly… This book is a delicious wisdom. Let’s invite humanity to gobble it up.”

Wild Love offers a revolutionary approach to what love really means, and how to make our lives and relationships truly magical. It suggests that whenever we try to be good – or expect others to be good – we disconnect from the freedom, joy and unconditional love that is our natural birthright. Our relationships fall into ‘blaming, shaming and taming’, and will be shallow, insecure or unfulfilling. It is only when we aim to be happy, and reach for our dreams, that we reconnect with Source energy – and release our unique potential.

Gill Edwards explains that a deep, magical and joyous reality lies just beyond our reach – if only we can find the key to unlock the door. In Wild Love, she helps us find that elusive key, by giving up our old patterns of relating, and aligning ourselves with Source energy.

Freedom comes from knowing that nothing and no-one ‘out there’ is responsible for what we experience or how we feel. We can only change our lives from the inside out. Whenever our energy flow is blocked by fear or judgment, love becomes tame and conditional – and life is a pale shadow of what it might be.

Wild Love is a beautifully written and inspiring book which will help you become wild and free, and to become a passionate and visionary co-creator of heaven on earth.

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