Life is a Gift




(Piatkus, 2007)

If you have a dream, you can make it come true. You can create your own heaven on earth, no matter what your starting point. You simply need to focus on what you desire, then get out of your own way. Whatever you ask for, this loving Universe always says yes – and it wants to deliver your gifts. So it is guiding you every step of the way.

In Life is a Gift, Gill Edwards explains why unconditional love is the key to creating miracles. She offers the four cosmic secrets of aligning with the flow of the cosmos to make your dreams come true – for greater success and prosperity, good health, loving relationships, finding your ideal job or home, attracting a soulmate, making a difference in the world or finding inner peace and joy.

‘Gill Edwards has a special gift, a unique treasure, to offer humanity, and my soul sings its thanks to her every time I read a page of her writing.’
Neale Donald Walsch

‘Always inspiring and enlightening, Gill is a great spiritual teacher whose wisdom lovingly and clearly illuminates the inner worlds and everyday reality.’
William Bloom

LIFE IS A GIFT is an easy-to-read guide to conscious reality creation – packed with everyday examples and practical guidance – by a clinical psychologist who has been teaching this for the past 18 years (and is still learning!)


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