Living Magically





(First published 1991; new edition June 2006, £10.99 from bookshops)

‘Wise, practical and helpful – a classic.’ (William Bloom)

Living Magically is a highly acclaimed best-seller which offers a psycho-spiritual approach to everyday life. Drawing upon mystics, scientists and channelled sources, it gives a startling vision of reality which challenges all of our ‘common-sense’ assumptions about the world. It offers practical ideas and tools for releasing the past, finding your true purpose and making your Dreams come true.

‘The first step in learning how to live magically is examining our beliefs: the most crucial ingredient of the ‘broth’ we call life. Beliefs are a form of self-hypnosis. They are the guiding fictions which we repeat to ourselves so often, and with such conviction, that we …act as if they were true.’

Part One

1. A trick of the light?
2. Beyond the bridge of belief
Part Two
1. The inner journey
2. Take one cosmic egg
3. Through the looking glass
4. Cracks in the mirror
5. Listening to the whispers
6. What is really real?
7. Into the Shadowlands
8. Awakening to your Dream
9. Dance with the angels

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