Conscious Medicine


Creating Health and Well-Being in a Conscious Universe



Published by Piatkus in November 2010.

Why do people become ill? How can you help yourself and others to heal? Why do some people heal `spontaneously┬┤ from cancer and other diseases? And why should you believe six impossible things before breakfast, if you want to experience vibrant health and happiness?

Conscious Medicine explores the current scientific revolution in physics and biology, and why it must transform conventional medicine. Packed with fascinating case studies and research, the book explores how stress and trauma lead to emotional and physical disease, how our thoughts affect our DNA, why our emotions provide the key to health, and how our body speaks to us in its own language through symptoms and disease. It suggests that the body is intelligent, conscious and infinitely helpful – and that disease comes as a friend and teacher, nudging us to grow and evolve. As we practise conscious medicine, we expand our joyful potential – and open up to magic and miracles.

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