Stepping into the Magic




(First published 1993. New edition June 2006)

The book opens with a dramatic experience of Gill’s while training with a kahuna in Hawaii – and it offers you the choice to grow through joy rather than struggle. It gives a magical yet practical, down-to-earth approach to creating your life of your Dreams.

‘When we choose to grow through joy, we have to learn to enjoy change! Growing through joy, reaching for our Dreams, means constantly facing new challenges, new opportunities, new situations. It means diving in at the deep end, rather than paddling along the shoreline.’

1. A foot in both worlds.
2. Stepping into the magic.
3. Our three inner selves.
4. Dancing your Dream awake.
5. Everything is our friend.
6. Body language.
7. Our unseen friends.
8. Many hands, light work.
9. Magic moments.
10. Adventures in consciousness.

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