White Foxglove




WHITE FOXGLOVE  Postage to Europe is free if you order more than 1 essence.

(Digitalis alba – with gem essences of celestite and lapis lazuli)

“I awaken to my potential. I envision the future.”

For awakening and inspiration. For remembering who you truly are – a magnificent being of Light in human form. For awakening to your higher purpose, and what will bring you joy. For reaching far beyond `what is´ to `what might be´ – your unfulfilled potential and unremembered wings. For helping to still the mind, so you might listen to your intuitive guidance and the quiet promptings of your heart. For going with the flow; for a sense of endless-time and dreamy-space, like a hazy summer´s day. For becoming a Dreamer, a visionary for the future.

`An immense number of synchronicities have happened…I can´t describe how `in the flow´ I have felt-pure ecstasy… It´s as if the past is behind you and all there is…IS! I have loads more time… Like a hazy summer´s day sums it all up… I love this essence.´

`…a very strong sense of `It´s time to step into my own´. I have a very strong feeling that whatever I do will be done with great energy and that doors will just open for me. White Foxglove has increased my sense of my own potential…´

`Vision… I have been aware of wider thinking and dreams; also the idea that now is the time to bring dreams into action, together with a confidence in them and in myself. I have also felt a very strong pull to go inwards…´

`This essence helped to open a door into my psychic skills…. I am finding a mental clarity that has been missing for a long time.´

`I felt a great space had been created in which I could explore creating my dreams, my vision, while also living fully in the present… I realised the impatience and busy-busy approach to creating my dreams had melted away-leaving a greater sense of peace and trust in going with the flow…´

We regret that essences cannot be shipped outside of Europe due to recent laws prohibiting the postage of liquids.

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