Beyond the Drama Triangle Booklet


Creating Healthy Relationships



Every unhealthy interaction is said to take place around the drama triangle – from the three roles of Persecutor, Rescuer or Victim. Almost everyone has a default position on the drama triangle which they flip into under stress. If this becomes habitual, it will damage your emotional and physical health, and wreck your personal relationships. Yet it is quite likely to be invisible to you.

In this original 52-page booklet, Gill Edwards offers a guide to recognising, handling and overcoming these unhealthy habits of thinking and interacting. It outlines what each ´type´ needs to do in order to move towards healthy patterns of relating. It also looks at what lies beyond drama: the three healthy ego-states of the love triangle, which allow you and your relationships to thrive.  

Due to the high demand for these booklets, they have now been professionally printed and bound by Badger Press, Bowness.

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